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Now Is the Time to Reinvent Yourself

Oscar Rodriguez Gonzalez

Life is about constant change and change creates crisis points at different levels. Some, like rain, you can solve with an umbrella.  Some are more complex, like an earthquake or a pandemic that force you to drastically alter the way you live.

We all know that the changes that we have experienced in recent months have strongly affected all sectors of society.  The economy has become more complex, impacting some more than others, and we have not yet seen the total effects of this pandemic.  Reinventing ourselves, therefore, has become a priority and a necessary initiative.

In order to survive, we need to resist, recover and reinvent ourselves.  We should see moments of crisis as an advantage because that the key to survival.

When I say resist, I mean that we must resist apathy and hopelessness as far as possible, and that we must take advantage of the opportunities that appear in our path, especially in our professional roles, whether it means  receiving financial aid or making strategic alliances.

Then, it is time to recover from these crises.  Changes in the  economy tend to leave marks on the population, on our customs and culture, so we need to try to be steady and calm as we head into the future.

And this process forces us to reinvent ourselves; we  must start looking for opportunities in other settings. In 2021 reinventing oneself is almost an obligation.

Reinvention requires that you:

  • Understand that there is always time. If you think that it is no longer worth reinventing yourself because you have always done the same, think again. There is no reason why you should not be exploring new ways of doing things.
  • Digitize yourself. Why do you have to know how to use a smartphone or be active on social media? Because it is no longer optional. Having a social media presence is a sign of being up to speed.
  • Surprise people. Make people stop and question the assumptions they have made about you. Make sure you take on an unexpected leadership role, take a class on a new topic like administration of social networks or computer programming. Or explicitly ask for an assignment that fascinates you.
  • Connect with your trajectory. To identify where you have been successful during your career, you must analyze your past and identify why you need to reinvent yourself.

This is the time to adapt to a new scenario, learn to be flexible with these new models, use technology to your advantage and reinvent yourself to thrive in this new reality.

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