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10 Ways to Address Organizational Challenges in the New Work Model

Oscar Rodriguez Gonzalez

The challenge of cultural transformation in companies is based on four words that are becoming the foundation of the new work model: Technology (we currently know this movement as Digital Transformation) as an element of autonomy and empowerment, generational change, gender equality, and communication effectiveness.

What happens in companies that are focused on profitability and diversification but are missing the opportunity to potentiate these elements that could become brand differentiators?

The thinking among a large number of company CEOs is that there is a great need to reinvent the way we work in a post-COVID world. Organizations are not transformed, people are transformed.  A vital element for the life of companies that is not facilities, machinery or equipment, products or services, is people who are capable of making companies successful…or not.

Transforming culture in companies, as well as reinventing ourselves, has become a strategic necessity. Since the work scenario has been revolutionized, adapting culture for it to be a part of the market has become an organizational need.

Let’s ask ourselves why it is so difficult for everybody to share a common goal in a business and why it is so difficult to motivate the entire organization (being supported by colleagues, listened to by bosses and followed by collaborators) towards one common goal.

With the changes that we are experiencing in the work models, communication, adaptation and flexibility undoubtedly become the foundation of this new way of working.

Here are some possible alternatives to organizational challenges:

  1. Align organizational goals with the goals of the company’s different areas, and even with personal ones.
  2. The way we communicate will be different. The environment has changed, and effective communication is the key in this work model.
  3. New rules for the use of communication media: WhatsApp as short-term form of communication, for instance. For official and definitive information, use email.
  4. Home office is now an option for some people to perform their jobs. Beyond the hours and location of work, it should be the same as in-office.
  5. Adequate surroundings and equipment. Today, you only need a PC, telephone and Internet to do your work. Add functional, comfortable furniture and ensure that the place for the video conferencing is tidy and offers a good image.
  6. Work more than ever with planned actions. Do not replace them with “improvisation” and complement them with training in new techniques to generate a high degree of security in a world where change is the new normal.
  7. Value the competencies of people regardless of gender and paying attention to the professional capacity in a culture where the lack of gender equality is notorious.
  8. Generational Change: The presence of more women and the new way of communicating, increasingly using technology as a strategic ally, have made information flow much more quickly and this is something companies must take advantage of.
  9. We spend less and less time thinking and structuring ideas. Let’s look for the best work practices to be replicated so that we create great experiences with our customers and collaborators.
  10. We must make different ideas coincide in a single objective that  aligns with the mission of the company.

In fact, there’s an increasing interest in the  study and understanding cultural transformation as a true way  for organizations to differentiate themselves to their clients. Be a protagonist and not just an observer of the transformation of the culture.

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